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Born with an innate passion for both music and adventure, Mal Kearns took a bold step at the age of 15 by leaving high school to embark on a journey as a tenor saxophonist in various showbands. His musical talent led him to tour extensively across Ireland and the UK, sharing his passion for music with audiences far and wide.

With an ever-expanding thirst for new experiences, Mal crossed the Atlantic to Canada, touring the country six times with different bands. Eventually, he decided to make Canada his home, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

Recognizing the need for a change, Mal temporarily set aside his music career and delved into the world of retail electronics. Eager to expand his knowledge and skills, he pursued a business course at Humber College, laying the groundwork for a successful career transition.

Mal’s acumen for business and leadership flourished as he climbed the corporate ladder, holding various senior management positions, including roles as General Manager and VP of Sales. His dedication and strategic vision contributed to his success in the competitive retail industry.

Upon retiring from the retail sector, Mal was drawn to the dynamic world of real estate, guided by a friend already thriving in the field. Recognizing the reputable image of Royal LePage® and resonating with the principles of industry leaders like Alex and Gloria, Mal joined the brokerage with enthusiasm and determination.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mal is deeply committed to giving back to the community. He actively supports local initiatives such as the shelter foundation and lends his assistance to causes close to his heart, including Sick Kids. His commitment extends beyond financial support, as he dedicates time to volunteer work, embodying a sense of responsibility towards the well-being of others.

Outside the realm of real estate, Mal’s interests span a wide spectrum. A lifelong lover of music, he finds solace in the notes of his tenor sax. Golf, sports, and staying fit are integral parts of his lifestyle, reflecting his vibrant and energetic personality. Additionally, Mal is an avid reader, finding inspiration and knowledge in the pages of various literary works.

Mal Kearns brings a harmonious blend of diverse experiences, leadership, and a passion for community service to his role as a real estate professional. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, Mal is committed to guiding you through the process with the same dedication and enthusiasm that has defined his remarkable journey.


Royal LePage® President's Gold Award2010
Royal LePage® Master Sales Award2013
Royal LePage® Sales Achievement Award2019